Seaport-e Quality Assurance

Quality Processes

Our existing Quality Assurance Program is tailored to the specific task order’s quality control. The plan will include specific implementation details pertaining to the actual work to be performed and deliverables, and may include subsidiary plans such as: Requirements Management Plan, Configuration Change Management Plan, Risk Management Plan, Communications Plan, and a Validation and Verification Plan.

Collectively, these plans, based on TO SOWs identified performance metrics and other applicable standards provide the controls necessary to ensure that all configurable baselines are managed to specifications, all stakeholders are properly informed, and variability of outcomes are minimized. They produce a linked series of baselines (requirements to design components to configuration components to verification scripts) and the corresponding processes ensure that products and services conform to requirements.

Performance Measures

Our performance-management processes and associated performance measures dovetail with our quality assurance processes. These include Quality Control Plans and Service-Level Agreements, used to manage level of effort tasks, and Earned Value Management, used for tasks that have a delivery schedule of discrete work products.

Our Teaming Coordinator, Patrick Rooney, works with our PM and the Seaport-e Ordering Activity TO Contracting Officers and Technical Representatives to ensure that the selected monitoring methods are appropriate to the scope of the task order. Our Quality Manager with the assistance of our PMO will track the Performance Measurement Baseline, and ensure that all contract requirements are met and are within acceptable criteria to include:

  • Cost Control (burn rate)
  • Staffing(turnover, time-to-fill)
  • Government Required Reporting
  • Task Accomplishment
Team Position QC Role QC Responsibilities
Quality Manager (QM) Independently assess quality performance, services and work products Tailors gTANGIBLE’s quality program to Seaport-e; Review performance metrics and evaluation criteria for all tasks; Conduct quality inspections/audits; Identify and track quality deficiencies; Assist our PM and Task Leads in developing QC processes and metrics and conducting performance metrics analysis; Track and review performance metrics, contract schedules, deliverables, & dollars

Program Manager


Manage all aspects of contract quality performance Report to EAB and QM on quality performance; Define and implement program-wide quality measures; Identify/resolve issues related to overall contract performance; Conduct quarterly In-Progress Reviews; Conduct independent quality audits; Establish contract specific quality measures

Task Manager


Manage quality of services and work delivered to ordering agency Implement/review task specific quality metrics; Establish monitoring frequency; Check accuracy, timeliness, and completeness of deliverables and work products; Report resource requirements and potential performance problems to PM; Respond to all customer requests, questions, and concerns
Task Team Member Responsible for meeting quality standards Measure accuracy and completeness of job performance and apply error prevention procedures; Deliver all work products on time and within budget; Communicate concerns and improvement recommendations to TM; Report on work estimates, resource requirements, and potential performance issues

Know, understand, execute, and improve the We quality control methodology



The gTANGIBLE Team diligently performs monitoring on all program and project tasks. In the following table, we present:


Method Description
100% Inspection 100% Inspection is the most appropriate method for monitoring infrequent tasks or tasks with stringent performance requirements.
Customer Input We use customer satisfaction documentation to assess performance from a customer and end-user perspective. Government input may initiate other monitoring methods.
Data Tracking Metrics We use spreadsheets and database applications to summarize and report data-tracking metrics for distribution as part of regularly scheduled program review/status meetings.
Evaluation Examine the activities used to develop and deliver products and services to ensure that requirements are met or exceed. We establish criteria for an evaluation, verifies process performance, and collects the metrics to describe the actual results.
Periodic Review Enables the Navy/ordering activities and the Team to evaluate products and services at intervals consistent with the work being performed, deliverable due dates, major milestones and critical paths, and/or scheduled reports. We conduct periodic inspections consistent with other appropriate monitoring techniques to ensure consistency, validate the evaluation results, and reinforce PMs.
Periodic Review with IV&V We conducts this method of monitoring, consistent with other appropriate monitoring techniques, to validate the results of the evaluation, reinforce other measures, and ensure consistency.
Review The Government reviews each deliverable for timeliness, quality, and accuracy, assessing our performance in completing the task’s stated and implied objectives.
Walkthrough We conduct walkthroughs on deliverables before delivery to ensure the quality and completeness of these materials. This method may be used in conjunction with other monitoring techniques to ensure consistency, validate the evaluation results, and reinforce other performance measures.