July 2022

gTANGIBLE awarded US Navy, VCNO, Drug and Alcohol Deterrence (NDAD) Program Mission Support Services for 21ST CENTURY SAILOR OFFICE’S (OPNAV N17) NAVY DRUG AND ALCOHOL DETERRENCE BRANCH (OPNAV N173)

gTANGIBLE has been awarded the Drug and Alcohol Deterrence Program Mission Support Services (formerly Navy Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention (NADAP) Support Services) contract from the US Navy to provide administrative support to the Drug and Alcohol Deterrence Program mission and Vice Chief of Naval Operations (VCNO) alcohol and drug abuse program initiatives. gTANGIBLE will provide services commensurate with supporting the NDAD’s programs and VCNO initiatives in tracking Navy substance abuse trends, maintaining and managing electronic Navy substance abuse prevention program data through the use of Alcohol and Drug Management Information Tracking System (ADMITS) and Internet Forensic Toxicology Drug Laboratory System, and providing administrative and technical support in support of these functions.

Jack Gallagher, CEO of gTANGIBLE comments on this significant award: “gTANGIBLE is very pleased that we will be supporting the US Navy’s OPNAV N17/N173, again. The NDAD Program Mission Support Services effort aligns directly with gTANGIBLE’s Program, Administrative, and Management Support business line and enables gTANGIBLE the continuity of service for OPNAV N17/N173. This is the follow-on to gTANGIBLE’s NADAP contract, and gTANGIBLE will perform as a prime contractor. Our efforts in support of the US Navy, VCNO, OPNAV N17/N173 will contribute to the Navy’s NDAD Program mission now and into the future. We will continue to do a great job for the US Navy at OPNAV N17/N173.”